United Breaks Baggage Handlers

To be fair he was unharmed so I suppose they didn’t break him per se, but they certainly could have since while baggage is meant to fly in the cargo hold, the same isn’t generally true of its handlers.

A baggage handler was locked inside an airplane’s cargo area during a 1.5-hour flight from North Carolina to Northern Virginia on Sunday.
A United Airlines spokeswoman said Monday that the airline was looking into how it had happened. The baggage handler, Reginald Gaskin, 45, was unharmed.
Reached by The Washington Post on Monday night, Gaskin declined to discuss how he wound up inside the plane. He said he had been advised by an attorney not to discuss the matter.
Gaskin only said: “I thank God. He was with me.”

The incident is being looked into, but so far the only comment from the authorities calls it an accident, which it almost certainly is.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the statement from United commending Mr. Gaskin for his dedication to ensuring that all passenger belongings arrived at their destination safe and sound.

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