Goodbye For The First Time, Arrogant Worms

Last Updated on: 4th March 2017, 09:16 am

Good news. the Arrogant Worms farewell album that we all helped pay for is finally ready to go.

The First Farewell Album is out! Not only can you listen to it (and buy it) from our Bandcamp site, but you can also download it with all 14 of other albums for under $40! (Just look for “Full Digital Discography”–Yes, a couple of the albums are best-ofs but that’s still a pretty good deal!)
Want to hear The First Farewell Album?
Just click HERE and stream away!

Here’s the tracklist. A few of these definitely have me curious and excited to hear them, not that I wasn’t anyway.

  1. Dwayne
  2. Canadian Girl
  3. The Kids Are Cookin’ Tonight
  4. Jean Shorts
  5. Laser Eyes
  6. Now She Doesn’t Text Me Anymore
  7. Grumpy Old Man
  8. Has Anyone Seen My Blimp
  9. We’re Gonna Sleep (All Night Long)
  10. Peter Gothentail
  11. Family Vacation
  12. Stupid Song

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