A Few Uplifting Words To Play Over Someone else’s Car Speakers

I didn’t wake up thinking that I was in a particularly down mood today, but I must be. I say that because I remember a time when I would read a story like this one here about a carjacker who was identified because he connected his phone to the car’s Bluetooth, say to myself something along the lines of “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha look at this dumb fucker” and then I would move on with my life. But I saw this story today, and while there was most definitely a moment of “lol what a moron,” it was then followed quickly by a thought that hadn’t occurred to me before. We live in a world of Donald Trumps. Of Doug Fords. Of Marjorie Taylor Greenes. Of Danielle Smiths. Of Pierre Poilievres. How can any of us be sure that the stolen car Bluetooth numbskull won’t be making important decisions on all of our behalf one day whether we like it or not because half of us voted for it?

Have yourselves a wonderful day.

The victim told police two people followed her off a bus to her car and demanded her cell phone and keys.
Police found the car a couple of hours later and said the people who were inside hopped out and ran.
As the investigation unfolded police said a Westinghouse High School security guard identified one of the suspects, Darrell Cammon Jr., 19, of Wilkinsburg, from bus surveillance video.
Cammon is a former student at the school.
Police said another clue came from within the stolen car which showed a device named “Darrells iPhone” was connected to the vehicle.

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