If You’re A WordPress User, It’s Survey Time

We, like a good chunk of people on the internet, use WordPress to run things around here. One of the major reasons for that aside from how customizable it is in general is that with a few tweaks (most of them intentionally built in by the people who develop it), the system is very accessible when using screenreaders. That’s extremely important to Carin and I, and if it’s important to you too or even if it isn’t but you also use WordPress for something, you might want to take this survey about how you use the editor and your experiences with it. It includes a few questions specifically related to accessibility, so if you’re someone who uses any sort of AT and there’s something you really love or really hate about how things work now, this is a fine time to have your voice heard.

The purpose of this survey is to learn about how you use the wp-admin Editor to create content for your WordPress site. There’s a current project focused on redesigning the Editor experience, so please take a few moments to fill out this survey and help shape the future of WordPress!

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