One Of The Greatest Things Impact Has Ever Done

My god, the throwback show they did back around American Thanksgiving was so so so so so so so so fantastically hilarious and fun. If you hated it because everybody was out of their normal characters, the whole thing was super ridiculous and you felt like it made a mockery of wrestling I understand, but if you grew up on wrestling from 30 or 40 years ago and aren’t one to always take everything too seriously, you’re probably going to enjoy this. Even if some of the references are a little too inside for you, there should still be enough for you to pick up on and have a good time with. I’m not sure how they could ever pull off a second one or even if they should try, but I’m so happy they did it once.

Also, I wish I’d thought of using the name Ray Strack back in my prank phone call making days.

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