Follow Your Arrow To Jail

I figure I might as well ruin two songs with this case.

Remember the story about the guy getting shot with an arrow? Well, a few days ago, Eric Amaral pleaded guilty, and is going away for a long time.

When they charged him with the murder, there was a small part of me that was worried that maybe they had no idea who did it, the public was all scared, and when this guy was dumb enough to shoot a cop with a pellet gun, he turned into an easy target, har. But after reading this article, I don’t think that anymore.

What kind of wacko uses a random dude for “target practice”? If I thought the words “For all we know, the attacker just wanted to watch someone go down.” would give me chills, this little paragraph certainly does.

The Kitchener man admitted he was in the bush of Breithaupt Park shooting at targets with his crossbow when he saw Gibbon walking on the sidewalk. Amaral got down on one knee and fired.


There was a sick part of me that was amused by the fact that the thing that allowed police to meet up with Amaral was the guy forgetting his passport at home. The theme of trying to catch a plane and forgetting my passport has become a new recurring nightmare I have. I didn’t know people *actually* did that in real life.

It sounds like this guy is where he belongs.

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