We Regret The Error, The June Edition

Last Updated on: 2nd October 2014, 12:12 pm

The geniuses at Deadspin have struck some serious gold with this one.

They’ve started a feature called We Regret The Error, which compiles mistakes and the subsequent apologies that air on local newscasts. Amazingly (not really all that amazingly if you’ve watched the 6 o’clock news for any length of time), there are so many of them that they’re making this a monthly thing. Everything you’re about to see made air in June of this year. Amazingly (and I mean it this time considering how long the video is), they say this was a fairly quiet month.

If you learn anything from watching this, I hope it’s that you should always look at things with a critical eye. Oh, and that Alex Trebek telling people that they’re wrong is almost never not amusing.

Note to screenreader users: To get the video to play, hit enter on the graphic that may or may not say something like “poster.” Don’t click any of the buttons below it.

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