A Cell Would Be A Fine Place For These Selwoods

Last Updated on: 31st December 2017, 10:15 pm

Now, there’s a family whose parties were probably anything but fun. most of them ended up in jail for Christmas.

Meet the Selwood family. We have a guy who doesn’t mind stabbing a buddy for asking him to share his steak dinner, and also doesn’t mind stomping on other people’s heads, among his 17 convictions. We have another guy who tried to blow up an ATM to get the money. We have a mom and son duo who repeatedly get involved in fights in public. We have another daughter who squirted a neighbour with toilet cleaner for complaining about her loud music. She’s the only one on the loose at Christmas, but she’s just getting out. Yikes!

You might think your family is dysfunctional. I think this one has you beat.

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