It’s All Fun Times Until You Go To Emergency

Gill is back once again to open the lid on the toybox of death.

From slingshots to kite tubes here are some more unsafe toys.

  • 1 The Bird Of Paradise Slingshot – Somehow with its razor sharp parts this toy that not even Denis the Menace would play with made toy shelves. It also earned the distinction of being one of the first majorly recalled toys.
  • 2 Soccer Boppers

    who wouldn’t want to combine the beautiful game with a blood sport? Out in the late 1990’s this was what it sounds like, soccer balls combined with boxing gloves.
  • 3 Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit – This was from the same folks who brought you the caster kits of the 1930’s, only they thought it perfectly ok in the 1950’s to teach especially boys the art of suffering incredibly painful injuries.
  • 4 Kite Tubes – what’s better than time at the lake? Riding on a tube thirty feet in the air with little more than footholds and handholds. Two fatalities and many more injuries were reported.
  • 5 Creepy Crawlers

    what’s more fun than ouchies and inhaling toxic levels of molten plastic? They weren’t thinking of that back in 1964 when all you had to do was plug in a hotplate and place goo in metal molds. The fun really kicked up when removing the toy bugs, the temp in this trip to the burn unit reached 350C.
  • 6 Mini-Motorcycle for kids – Body casts do ruin summers and fun. The issue with this motorcycle was the accelerator would sometimes stick sending kids drifting at high rates of speed down steep hills or into traffic.


What were some toys you would love to see from your childhood brought back today?

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