La Luna Restaurant

Last Updated on: 8th March 2018, 08:28 am

Gill has a restaurant recommendation today. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat this weekend and you’re in the area, perhaps this is your place.

If you’ve ever wanted to have delicious high end food with out the snobbery this is the perfect place. About three blocks from my house is La Luna Lebanese Restaurant. You go order and pay, and they bring your selection out to you. I had fatier which is a pastry with spinach and some other items in it. They also brought over some falafles to try, I’ve had falafles before, but these ones were quite delicious. If unsure what a falafle is it’s a ball of deep fried chickpeas and spices rolled in doe. I admit that they weren’t lying when they said they had the best Lebanese food in Hamilton.

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