Watt Gives You The Right To Talk To Me Like That

I’m not really a soccer guy, but I am a big fan of silliness, which means I enjoyed this.

Former Arsenal forward Sanchez Watt received the most bizarre red card of the season after a referee mistook the player saying his own name for dissent.
Watt, playing for Hemel Hempstead in their National League South clash with East Thurrock on Tuesday night, was asked his name by ref Dean Hulme so that he could book him for kicking the ball away.
But the official grew frustrated when the answer given was ‘Watt’, mistaking the reply as the player saying ‘What?’ and arguing against his decision. Hulme asked Watt three times for his name, receiving ‘Watt’ as the reply each time, before seeing red and giving Watt his marching orders.

Thankfully team captain Jordan Parkes was able to rush in and explain the situation, and old Wattshisname’s red card was changed to a yellow allowing him to stay in the match, which his team won 2-0.

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