If People Knew The True You

Here’s Gill with another of her periodic reminders to be yourself.

I have often wondered what makes some people fake who they are, and others gladly be themselves. This curiosity lead me to think a bit about myself. A few years and another neighborhood ago, I felt differently about who I was, and felt like I had to hide where I lived. The same thing could be said for my friend Jeff. When we first met, he told me that he had received his injuries in a jeep accident when he was a baby. When he finally told the truth it shook me to the core, but in the end it didn’t matter. We’re still friends.

Just Be Yourself

It sounds cliche, but in order for you to live your best life, just be you. People might find the authentic product weird, but weird truth is better than normal lies. What is normal anyway?


What’s something about you that not too many people know? Me, I love antique cars. There’s just something cool about them.

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