Ashley Taylor Wrong

I’m trying to imagine what, if anything, was going through the mind of Ashley Taylor Wright as the police approached her car and she realized that her clean getaway with a few hundred bucks worth of shoplifted clothing from a Dillard’s department store in Florida wasn’t going to be so clean.

Do I stop? Do I give up? Do I let these guys just book me in? My life could be over. Could I handle having this on my permanent record? Am I going to let that happen? What choice do I have? Well…I suppose I could throw this car seat full of baby at that cop and run like the wind. Hey, that’s it! I’m a genius!

Deputies approached her car in the parking lot Monday night and asked her to get out.
Authorities said the 23-year-old told the deputy, “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me.”
She then allegedly ran from the car and threw the car seat with the baby inside at the deputy.
The infant was not injured.

She didn’t get far, and was quickly arrested and charged with several offenses including child abuse without bodily harm.

During their investigation, police discovered weapons in her vehicle. Wait, did I say weapons? Because what I meant to say was a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old.

This is why we have a parents of the year tag.

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