FlickType: Bringing Fleksy Back

When I first got an iPhone back in 2012, my favourite app very quickly became the Fleksy keyboard because I couldn’t touchscreen touch type for shit and it was pretty much the only way I was going to be able to text. Eventually I did learn to touch type reasonably well, but I still loved Fleksy because it was always going to be orders of magnitude faster for typing than I could ever hope to be.

But then came the day when the developers of Fleksy kind of sold all of us blind people who made them famous out a little, and the options were suddenly down to touch typing, dictation or bust. Like I said, I can touch type pretty alright and dictation is a bit of a technological marvel even though it screws up a lot and forces you to double check everything before you send it, so I survived. But boy oh boy, did I ever miss Fleksy. Nothing ever came along that could match its ease of use, its speed or its accuracy.

Until now.

Does it feel familiar? It’s because it is! Using the standard QWERTY layout and 3 simple flick gestures, FlickType is the fastest available typing method for blind and low-vision users, ever. You don’t need to learn a new way to type. Just tap where it feels natural and FlickType’s powerful algorithms will get it right, almost every time!

No more spacebar or other control keys to hunt for. Simply flick right for space. To delete, flick left. Not the right word? Flick down for alternative suggestions.

An extremely fluid typing experience, and with enough additional functions to satisfy the book writer in you, FlickType will turn the chore of typing into something you may actually enjoy!

Happy typing! Smile

If that description sounds a lot like Fleksy to you, that’s because it should. FlickType is the good version of Fleksy. The Accessible one. The one without all the garbage. The one we were promised. The one we paid for.

I installed it this afternoon and have been using the hell out of it since. I’m not writing this post with it because I don’t like blogging with the phone very much, but knowing that I could do so efficiently if I wanted to is pretty friggin sweet.

For now the app is free, but if they want or need donations, count me in. Yes, even though I already paid for it once.

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