Pizza And An Education

Sounds like Gill’s Sunday was a bit of a mixed bag.

Today I went with a large group of people from my church to a local pizza place. We were raising funds for a trip the young people are taking to Wisconsin. The party was to start at one, but most of the people who bought tickets didn’t show up until closer to one-thirty.

So what did the $20 tickets get you? A salad (Caesar or garden) and your choice of pasta or pizza. I chose the pizza, a build your own. The ingredients were peppers, onions, various meats, etc. Mine had spicy chicken, sundried tomatoes, black olives and spinach.

Reality Check

My friend and I, finished with our meals, took off for a while. When we returned, her 14-year-old son and a group of young men from the church came running toward us and told us that the Dollar Store had called security when they entered. My friend Nicole and I started walking down the strip mall near the pizza place, and quickly she educated me on “shopping while black.”

It is painful and really quite embarrassing that this happens in 2018. As I write this I am having difficulty keeping the hot angry tears from flowing.


I had a mostly good time, good food, laughter, and the chance to help some young people go to an international church camp. I also received a rather unwanted education.

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