March 2nd’s Odd Combination Of Things

Last Updated on: 30th October 2015, 05:14 pm

Like I said
last time,
some of these links will probably stop working after a little while. This is normal.

Like I also said last time, feel free to send things in, I can always use more material.

Ok, here we go.

*In some news I’m very happy to hear, the British government is
considering giving police the authority to inspect the cell phone records of drivers involved in non-fatal accidents to help them determine whether a mobile device may have played a part in what happened and make it easier to prosecute in cases where one has.
Hopefully other governments will follow the lead, and once this is taken care of finally set about fixing drunk driving laws so that impaired drivers get as many more chances to drive after they’ve been convicted as the people they could have killed would have.

*Here’s one from the Do We Really Need That? Department. Scientests in China have developed a way to
remotely control the flight of pigeons.
All they need to do now is find a reason to use this discovery. But what I can’t figure out is why did they bother? What is so wrong with the state of electronic technology that they couldn’t have just built a robot pigeon and programmed it to respond to instructions from their computer? This whole electrodes in the heads of living creatures thing creeps me out just a little.

*But this on the other hand I can definitely deal with. A man named John Cornwell has
invented a remote controlled fridge that will throw a beer to you from up to 10 feet away.
And before you ask, yes, he’s aware that it’s dangerous, but says it gets easier the more you use it.

*If you ever find yourself needing to pass a fraudulent check, signing it Bob Smith is a much better idea than claiming that somebody by the name of
King Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Servant
is giving you $50,000, like Kevin Russell of Gary, Indiana tried to do.

*How nobody thought of
starting a marijuana religion to try to get around United States drug laws
before now I have no idea, but Craig Rubin, the man who did, will be going to court soon over it. And to add just a little more wackiness to this whole thing, the man who wrote the story linked above is named Greenberg.


*Here’s another story about somebody who decided to
name his kid something retarded.
This time it’s after a car.

*Since I know a few people who read will be interested in knowing this,
the next Star Trek movie is scheduled to be released on Christmas day 2008.

*A bill is under consideration in Ohio that would require all convicted sex offenders in the state to
have special fluorescent-green license plates on their cars.
I don’t know if there is any truth to reports that all of their license numbers would have to be changed to I RAPDU, but I’ll look into it.

And if you’ll allow me to rant for a second, I’d like to say a quick word to the people who oppose the idea, the ones who feel that it isn’t fair because it would unjustly stigmatize any person who shared the car. So what? If you’re that worried about it, take a cab. Or if that’s too much money, the bus is a lot cheaper. and if sex offenders are so worried about stigmatizing people, perhaps they should have thought about that before they, ya know, became convicted sex offenders.

That’s all for today. Right now, I’m off to watch the news. A group of surgeons has been trying to put the bejesus back into a beating victim, and I want to see how it went. Talk to you soon.

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