As Opposed To What?

The Comedy Network says it will stream all 11 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, starting Saturday, Dec. 22. In the midst of its 12th and final season, the channel will air the series non-stop through the holidays, wrapping up on Sunday, Jan. 6.

I’m glad they announced this, because otherwise I would have had no idea that anything special was happening. Non-stop Big Bang Theory is pretty well all the Comedy Network does anymore.

I miss the days when you could flip to Comedy and no matter what time of day it was, there was almost always something decent on that you weren’t going to find anywhere else. Now it’s practically nothing but the same sitcoms everyone else is showing. If I do find something worthwhile there nowadays it feels more like an accident than anything else. It’s a shame, because Canada and the world are cranking out more than enough good comedy to fill a schedule.

And while I’m here, for the love of god, stop saying you’re “streaming” everything. I don’t know exactly when Bell made CTV start doing this, but it drives me nuts. You’re a damn TV station. If you’re putting stuff online that’s fine, but you are not streaming your programming through my old ass cable television. I’d be fine if they said something like watch it or stream it, but it’s all streaming all the time and it’s dumb.

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