Rassie In The Buppy In The Music Room

Ok, silly story time.

I was talking to Brad on the phone, comparing Christmas notes since we weren’t together this year. During the call it came up that there was at least one more round of Rassie In the Buppy In the Kitchen, which reminded me that I had, a couple weeks earlier, tried to ask the Google Mini to play it. It failed of course, but it said something funny in the process that I couldn’t quite remember now. Something about a puppy, I think. Brad asked his, and quite sensibly, it started playing Raffi. But since that wasn’t quite what we were after, I naturally had to ask mine again. I haven’t had a chance to check the Google Home app to see what the speaker thinks it heard, but it clearly couldn’t have been anything close, because the next thing you know I’m about to start listening to someone named Eden Brent on my kitchen speaker. It turned out to be kind of a happy accident, and I spent about the next two hours listening to some pretty decent boogie and blues tunes.

Pretty sure that’s my favourite so far.

I can’t quite place who she reminds me of. At points I think Norah Jones mixed with somebody who might be Lucinda Williams, but I’m not sure that’s quite right. I suppose I’ll just listen more and maybe sort it out that way.

Hopefully one day I end up listening to this with that nephew so I can thank him for helping me find it. I’d even get to embarrass him with an old person story about something he did as a baby, which would be a total bonus.

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