Happy New Year! Don’t Screw It Up.

Last Updated on: 31st December 2018, 09:22 am

It’s a New Year, so how about a nice happy soundtrack? I would embed it, but the embed code-maker sucks large accessibility balls.

the old year is now in its grave. Good riddance, and be gone,
to all the things you said you’d do and either didn’t, or did wrong
a new year to screw up is here, a new year to screw up
it won’t be long ’til it goes wrong, a new year to screw up

it’s like a brand new couch you buy, that you know soon shall be stained
Like snow that lies so pure and white -til a dog lifts up its leg.

The new year’s like a baby child, placed upon your lap,
and like a baby’s diaper, it will soon be full of crap.
chorus x2

Seems pretty appropriate, especially with Premier Drug Fraud running things. I guess we can hope that we don’t screw things up on a personal level. Happy New Year, everybody.

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