Expect A Few Less Scammy Calls For A Month Or Two

This is a nice step, but much like the do not call list, I’m sure the assholes as my dad likes to call anyone calling from a number he doesn’t recognize will find a way around it. But if you notice a drop in garbage calls for a while, this is probably why.

The CRTC is taking further action to reduce the number of unsolicited and illegitimate calls Canadians receive, ordering telecommunications service providers to implement a system to block calls within their networks by Dec. 19, 2019. Calls with caller ID info that either exceeds 15 digits or does not conform to a number that can be dialed (for example, 000-000-0000) will be blocked before reaching the subscriber. Providers that offer their subscribers call-filtering services, which provide more advanced call-management features, will not be under the obligation.

I’m not allowed to link to the source for this directly, so shout out to Broadcast Dialogue. If you’re interested at all in the goings on in the Canadian Broadcast industry, they’ve got you covered. While you’re there, sign up for the Weekly Briefing (A.K.A. the thing they ask you not to link straight to). It’s free and will fill you in on everything you could possibly want to know, except for where the hell Dave Hannah is. Nobody seems to know that.

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