He Shared His Crime With The Camera, Which The Police Like

I have to wonder if Dale Tice was even trying when he aledgedly decided fuck it, I’m gonna rob this here pawn shop.

According to an incident report, Tice went into The Hock Shop on Cobb Parkway about 4:30 p.m. Monday to pawn a $5 ratchet.
Just like with any pawn shop purchase, he gave his driver’s license information and phone number.
While the clerk was printing the ticket, video captured Tice taking a $200 military-style knife from the counter, according to the report.
With the stolen item in his pocket, Tice gave his fingerprint to the clerk for the ratchet he came in to pawn, which is also required, police said. Then he left the store.

This was followed swiftly by his arrest and the discovery of “marijuana and assorted illegal pills” in his motel room, which perhaps goes a ways toward explaining why the earlier transaction went the way it did.

He was charged with shoplifting and five different counts related to the drugs. And to top it all off, the police, who maybe should be careful what they wish for, took to Facebook to make fun of him.

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