Since I Moved

Gill is here to let us know how things are going. the short answer is well, which is nice to hear.

If you talked to me three years ago you probably would have noticed I wore a frown a lot. I was very unhappy with where I lived, and was getting more and more depressed by the day. It was around that time that I also was experiencing a crisis of faith.

My Previous Church

At that time I had made a tiny amount of headway in gaining the other congregants trust, but respect was another issue. Although an adult people, they would still call me kiddo and talk to me in a rather demeaning way. I would try to avoid them as much as I could, but knowing I had to stay faithful made that an impossibility. The one shiny thing was I got to sing in the choir.


In the spring of 2016 I finally had enough, and went to the supervisor. She and I had and still have a rapport, so it was easy for me to lay out how I was feeling.

Between That Day And Moving Day

I found out I was moving a short time later. In the time between I broke my ankle, {see an article about a demonic angry hill} but was more than happy that I got the call to move. Lots of packing and other arrangements were made, and I soon was where I am today.

My New Church

Once my ankle was better I embarked on a new neighborhood church find. I not only found church, but family. They listen to, respect, and even take on my ideas. They also enjoy my contributions to Bible study and at other times. I am also not just “their blind friend”. The kids call me “auntie or Ms. Gill.”


I am so happy here! People are welcoming and reasonable.

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