Gill, like a lot of people, is finding the world to be a fairly grim place anymore. But here she is with a bit of advice for making it through. It’s mostly basic stuff, but quite often it’s the little things that help a lot, and it’s the little things that are so easy to lose sight of.

I’m not sure I’d say the virus is slowing down, though. We’ve just decided it’s over regardless of how prepared we are for anything reality might have to say on the matter. Hopefully reality has no issue with our strategy of “tra la la la fuck it.”

With the virus slowing down, but not really halting, the gas crisis, and the war in Ukraine, turning on the TV might not be the best option.  I, a long time sufferer of mental health issues, have greatly had to reduce my TV watching, because hearing, especially of the children left behind in Ukraine, just tears pieces of my heart to ribbons.

What do I do?  What works for me may not work for you, but here are a couple of things.

Go Retro

Nothing cheers me up more than getting the nostalgia feels. From music to TV, the 70s and 80s (especially the 80s), always reminds me of times when I could think of little more than going outside and running through the orchards on my folks property.  Certain songs, discussions of cartoons, and other things of that nature bring on the warm thoughts of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Take A Walk

Even before the virus I loved taking walks.  They were my time not only to think, but to draw closer in my relationship with God.  Now, for the most part when the pain’s not too bad, I go for what I like to call “sanity walks.”  Usually half an hour to an hour, it gives me time to clear my head.


What kinds of things make you happy, and what are some tips to help your happiness?

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