Windchill, You Say?

I heard the silliest thing on 680 News this morning.

The weather person, whose name I didn’t catch, said “it’s currently 13 degrees, but with the windchill it feels like 11.”

What? Windchill? When it’s that warm and the numbers are that close together? If it’s currently 13 and the windchill is making it feel like it’s 2 or 5 or something, that I care about. But 13 feeling like 11? Is anyone even going to notice that? Maybe someone has and went to the CBSC to force them to talk about it, but man, it seems goofy to even mention it.

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    1. Two things:
      1. Carin, when you see this, reply to it. Actually, reply to it twice, if you don’t mind. Once by email and once through here. Say whatever you want, I’m just testing stuff.
      2. Just to keep this sort of relevant, there is a windchill today. It is currently 6 degrees but feels like 2. Not entirely useful, but certainly more so than 13 vs. 11.

    1. Interesting.  I got your web one and one saying your email never showed up.  Let’s see if my email shows up.  Now and then the emails aren’t instant.  They’re usually right on top of things, but sometimes they do get delayed.

      Replyable updated and something told me hey, maybe let’s see if everything is working, so I decided to listen to that impulse. Plus I’m sort of wanting to see if maybe we can get by without the Epoch comment thing because it hasn’t been updated since 2015 and hasn’t been tested beyond like WordPress 4.5ish.

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