So Don’t Expect To See Them Wrestle, Then?

I shouldn’t be amazed by this stuff anymore, but I doubt I’ll ever completely get to that point. Backstage Update on Why Street Profits Aren’t Wrestling Yet on Raw

I understand the part about wanting to protect them from being beaten and 50-50’d into oblivion like the other 70,000 pieces of wasted talent on this godforsaken main roster, but if segments like these, which have ranged from merely bad to channel changingly irritating get anyone over, the world really has passed me by. You might be able to get somebody booed with this blend of WWE speak, yelling and lame comedy, but it’s going to be go away heat, not I want to see these guys get what they deserve eventually heat.

Today’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio has an update on The Street Profits, who made another promo appearance on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw. While the team appeared on Raw, they did not work the Tag Team Turmoil match. According to Meltzer, the idea is that Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins will not start working on the main roster until they get over on Raw from their promo segments.

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