The Slow Death Of Data Overage Charges Is Finally Upon Us

It’s not completely poof bye bye see ya gone as of right now, but considering what Rogers has just announced, it seems fairly safe to start bidding one of the biggest scams going a long farewell.

The company has unveiled three new wireless data options that it’s calling Infinite. They come in 10, 20 and 50 gig monthly versions. Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll get that much data at full speed. Should you go over, rather than being strong-armed or extorted or whatever your description of choice happens to be into purchasing more, you can keep right on truckin’. You’ll be truckin’ in the relatively slow lane at a maximum speed of 256KBPS mind you, but that should still be plenty fast enough to do important things like email or banking.

The plans are currently priced at $75 for 10 gigs, $95 for 20 and $125 for the 50. And in addition to the data, you’ll also get several other useful goodies.

Every Infinite plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS messaging. In addition, Infinite plans come with call display, call waiting, group calling, enhanced voicemail, as well as 2,500 call forwarding minutes. Infinite plans also include the carrier’s Roam Like Home daily roaming package, and, last but not least, all the data included in an Infinite plan is shareable.

Rogers isn’t doing this out of selflessness, obviously. The government’s push for better competition in the industry certainly has a lot to do with it (it’s better to impose your own solution than to have one legislated upon you), but still, credit where it’s due. This is a pretty nice step toward more affordable, consumer friendly cell service. And it’s a step that could cost Rogers and the others quite a bit of money, at least until they figure out how to ding us for the giant hole in the earnings report.

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