Joke’s Over

Last Updated on: 23rd November 2021, 10:44 am

Raquel McGrath sounds like a real winner, who is insuring that her son is headed for trouble.

The story goes that her son Steven Avalos put together a nasty gift bag for a local baseball club president full of obscene messages, KY jelly, and other things that he wasn’t sure of, and left it on his car. But according to her, he did nothing wrong. he was only defending her. Defending her? Yes, because she thought the president was being unfair, and had taken some food home, and she didn’t like where the money was going, so she’d said some things, and he was defending her.

Or maybe it was a gag gift and a senior prank. Or maybe her son was pissed at the whole situation. She keeps changing her story, and sounds like a parent who is way, way, way too involved in her kid’s success in sports, and if he doesn’t succeed, she screams blue murder, and maybe puts him up to leaving a bag of who knows what on the club president’s vehicle.

Perhaps, when she called it a gag gift, she was being the most truthful. It’s a gift that is sure to make the recipient gag.

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