Why So Sour, Sweetie?

I don’t know if it’s the odd choice of weapon or simply the fact that it involves McDonald’s, but I’m reminded of Marvin the McChicken guy when I read this story. Florida man from Zephyrhills arrested after striking woman with Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce packets

He became angry when a woman identified in the arrest affidavit as the mother of his child bought the wrong food at McDonald’s.
A verbal altercation over the June 30 order became physical, the woman told deputies, when Ferrer began striking her in the head and face with Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce packets.
The woman grabbed the man’s beard, and a struggle ensued. Ferrer pinned her to the ground, placed his palm onto her face and pressed her head into the ground using his body weight, the affidavit states.

To her credit, she was having none of this shit. Back to the beard she went, this time managing to pull a chunk out. I bet that hurt like hell, which likely explains why he let her up and she was able to get away.

Jesus Oscar Ferrer, Jr. has been charged with felony battery.

What the wrong food was wasn’t noted, but I’m putting my money on nuggets assuming that the packets in question came from the McDonald’s bag and not elsewhere in the house. Does McDonald’s sell anything else that you would want to put Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce on?

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