So They’re Sex Offenders, Then?

Here’s an especially silly and pointless example of useless politically correct language.

Sex offenders in Colorado are getting a new label after the state’s Sex Offender Management Board voted to change the terminology referring to them.
CBS Denver reported board voted 10-6 to change the term sex offender to “adults who commit sexual offenses” during a meeting on November 19. The vote will not change how sex offenders are referred to in the state’s criminal justice system or in written law.
The board – which manages and tracks adult sex offenders across the state – heard arguments from sex offenders, survivors of sexual assault, and advocates on whether or not the phrase should be changed during the spring of 2021.
Proponents of the change argue the term sex offender is offensive to people who have committed sex crimes, places stigma on a large population, and generalizes the crimes committed by sex offenders.

And changing the terminology into essentially the longhand for the words sex offender is going to fix that how, precisely?

If you really want to be useful, maybe spend the time you’re currently burning on being absolute fools on working to enact policies that better define what a sex offender is. If there’s a problem, it isn’t the words. It’s who gets caught up in the words. Why is a person who gets legitimately tangled in a “But she said she was 18!” scenario or a teenager who shares nude photos with another teenager finding him or her self classified in the same way as a flasher, a rapist or a pedophile? That’s what needs to change if we’re going to be out here changing things. Otherwise, as long as you’re being treated humanely in the prison you belong in, sit down, be quiet and be a sex offender. You earned it.

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