With Friends Like These, We’re Going To End Up With The Government Nobody Deserves

Maybe hordes of black people have been telling Judy Sgro that they’re very proud that Justin Trudeau wore blackface years ago. I have my doubts, but I can’t prove that they aren’t. But if they are, why apologize for saying so? And if they aren’t, why would you make up something so immensely dumb?

In the interview, Sgro said that the incidents happened 20 years ago, and “all of us were young at one time, and all of us sometimes made poor choices, and did things that may not be appropriate in today’s world.”
What she said next is what created all the furor on Twitter:

“Let me tell you that, knocking on doors and being in the plazas and talking to people to make sure that I’m as sensitive as I need to be if I miss something … Those in the Black community have told of how much more love they have for the prime minister. That he wanted to have a blackface. That he took great pride in that, too. And that it’s the media that has blown this into something that it shouldn’t be.”

I’m planning to vote Liberal. They aren’t perfect, but when it comes right down to it, I feel that they’re the party in the best position to be trusted with the keys to all the important stuff. But if some of you don’t share that assessment, I get it. It does seem at times like they’re making things needlessly hard on themselves. I wish they would stop. Nobody needs an Andrew Scheer/Doug Ford/Jason Kenney federal government, even if they might think they do when stories like these come along.

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