“What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?” “I Appear To Be Lost In An Administrative Loop”

This is hardly the dumbest 911 story we’ve ever seen, but something about it keeps saying “Steve, post me,” so who am I to argue?

Police say that on Feb. 2, the man attended the Superior Court of Justice to obtain help completing family court documents. After staff advised they are not permitted to provide legal assistance or help completing the documents, he called 911. A special constable working at the courthouse spoke to the man and cautioned him about misuse of 911.
On Wednesday, the man attended the same office and was again told staff could not assist. He told another special constable he was going to call 911 for help with the paperwork and was told if he did so he would be charged with mischief.
Immediately after receiving this warning, the man called 911.

And yes, he was charged with mischief.

I don’t know how complicated that paperwork is, but somebody probably ought to be expecting a call any time now.

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