Flip, Flop And Ford

It’s been quite fascinating these last few months watching the Ford government have to swallow so much of its own shit as everyone shovels it back on them rather than rolling over and just taking it like they expected we would. It’s especially fascinating when you get to read it in list form and you realize that the day to day feeling you have that they’re literally trying to fix everything they touched in year one is pretty well right. A list of cuts and program changes the Ford government has reversed

There’s quite a bit to digest here, but I think this one might be my favourite. It so perfectly embodies everything about these people and their ability to do absolutely anything wrong.

Size of cabinet: When Doug Ford came to power, he cut the size of the cabinet to 21 people, down from 29 under former premier Kathleen Wynne. In a cabinet shuffle this summer, he added several new portfolios, bringing the size to 28.

Butbutbut Liberals bad! Waste! Defecits! Incompetence!

Perhaps Kathleen Wynne wasn’t so bad after all.

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