Dr Pepper Has Made A Menace Out Of Me

A food feud and a parent of the year at the same time. You don’t see that every day. Dude has horrible taste in beverages, too.

A West Monroe man has been arrested after he allegedly put a gun to his son’s head after his son drank the last Dr Pepper in their home.
According to an affidavit by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, the nine-year-old boy and his mother told Deputies that his father, Chad Kinnaird, had been drinking and had a loaded handgun on him when he entered the home on December 28.
The boy said his father got angry with him because he drank the last Dr Pepper and pushed the barrel of a gun against his head.
Police also spoke with Kinnaird’s 11-year-old daughter, who was home at the time but did not witness the incident. She said her father admitted to her that he’d put a gun to her brother’s head.

When police spoke to Kinnaird he denied that anything had happened, but they did find a gun during a search of his house.

He was charged with Domestic Abuse Battery, Child Endangerment as well as Felony Violation of Protective Order.

That last one feels like it needs a little more reporting and explanation. If he’s being charged for violating an order, that implies that he shouldn’t have been there. If he shouldn’t have been there, how was he in a position to know how many Dr Peppers were there? Did he storm in, gun drawn, demanding one? Would explain why an order may have been needed, I suppose.

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