FlickType Is No Longer A Subscription App

Last Updated on: 20th January 2020, 09:28 am

Pretty sure I’m supposed to see this as a positive, but whenever a service I rely on decides to forgo a consistent source of revenue designed to fund continuing development in favour of something that on the surface appears much less lucrative and much more unpredictable, my reaction generally ranges from skeptical to nervous. That’s what it’s doing right now, in case anyone is curious. Flicktype Keyboard for iOS Changes Pricing, Pivots from Subscription Model

Flicktype was available with both monthly and yearly subscriptions. However, Kpaw, Flicktype’s developers, have decided to release the app on iPhone for a one-time fee of $2.99, and have also released a separate (similarly priced) watch app which is being advertised to both blind and sighted watch users. The developers have mentioned that the watch app will also be voiceOver accessible.
Users who have previously subscribed at either the monthly or yearly options will be able to cancel their subscriptions and use the new app for free in perpetuity; they will not need to re-purchase the app.

If I were to offer a suggestion to the folks in charge, it would be by all means, drop the subscriptions in order to grow the user base assuming that’s the reason for your decision. But add a tip jar with one time or recurring donation options similar to what apps like Twitterrific have done in the past so that those of us who would like to can more directly support your work on an ongoing basis. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that would make me feel a little better about the future.

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