Am I An Even Bigger Asshole Than I Thought?

Last Updated on: 22nd April 2020, 02:13 pm

Are you a 5-star customer? Restaurant employees judge patrons too
Most of what’s here shouldn’t be earth shattering information unless you’re a malignant dink, but one line did catch my eye.

“In fast-food restaurants, not leaving a tip is at the top of the list of worst behaviors,” it says.

So…um…we’re supposed to tip at fast-food places? Did anyone else know that? I sure didn’t. I know there are coffee shops and cafes that have tip jars, but when I hear fast-food I think something like a McDonald’s, and who tips there?

I’m going to hope that this is some American custom that found its way into our local paper unnoticed, because otherwise me and everyone I know have been earning spit in our food for decades.

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