Gates Of India Restaurant

Gill has another restaurant recommendation.

If you are looking for something delicious in downtown Hamilton, and you like to try different types of foods, Gates Of India might just be what you are craving.  The atmosphere brings two worlds together.  You get the feeling of 4-star dining with linen table cloths, but you also get take out.  The prices fall in the mid range, and what you get is delicious.

Where Exactly Is It?

It’s on 201 James Street north.  It’s in an area I like to call Eatery Row, as it is near a couple of other places I have eaten at. 

What Did I Eat

I absolutely love Indian food, and had a craving for some butter chicken.  What’s great is they offer flavor range from mild to super spicy.  I ordered medium as I have stomach issues.  It had just the right kick for me.  I also ordered a mango lassi, which is a deliciously refreshing Indian style milkshake.  I also, because why not, ordered samosas. 


The customer service was a little slow, and they were reluctant to allow two guide dogs in, but it was good overall.

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