More Gannon Tidbits

Last Updated on: 18th May 2022, 08:44 am

Here’s a more detailed article about Gannon’s getting lost and found. Wow. How far is Valley Springs from Lodi? And since he wiggled through an enclosed porch, should he be renamed Houdini?

I’m kind of glad he was found without a collar. There was a sceptical part of me that couldn’t figure out how whoever found him couldn’t have known who to call sooner if he had his tags on. I thought it coincidental that he was located after a reward was announced. I’m glad to know my scepticism was misplaced. And I’m even happier to know that the little puppykins is ok! I never even thought of coyotes as a threat, but god that could have been bad. he’s one lucky little black lab puppy.

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