Cinderella, Can’t You see he’s a jerk?

Last Updated on: 28th July 2020, 07:03 pm

I think I made Steve very confused the other night. He came back out to the balcony where I was, and I said “In that last song, I’m pretty sure the guy’s a prick!” Poor Steve hadn’t heard the song I was talking about, so he was very befuddled. But I found the song and listened to it again. Yup, he’s a total prick.
lyrics are here, so you can be as sure as I am that he’s a prick.

It’s the classic story of boy meets girl, boy lives with girl, boy and girl make a baby together, boy kicks out girl when she tells him the news about said baby on the way? Whaaat?

I know that happens all the time, but the song sounded like such a sweet song, so I was surprised at the words. If you’re going to do something that seems like a total asshole move on the surface, at least give us a shred of a reason to like you. Tell us about how you found out that she was missing her pill on purpose…but I guess back then there were no pills. Tell us about how she lied about being pregnant. Tell us how the baby isn’t yours. Without that, you just look like a jerk! Did you miss that lesson about the birds and the bees where they told you how you are part of this baby-making process too? You do say you’re an old man, but I’m pretty sure they had figured out that piece of the equation before you were born. I’m pretty sure you could have done something to prevent it. Why is it all her fault?

Later on, he kind of says he regrets what he did, but it doesn’t seem clear to me. He talks about thinking about the boy and wondering if he had all the toys. So did they give the boy up? Did he kick the girl out and he never heard from her and the boy again? But I think she’s still there because he says she should have left that morning, left that day. So…does he really regret it? After becoming an old man, he still blames her completely for the baby. Just awesome!

I think way too much about songs sometimes.

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  1. Lyrics can really ruin a song if I don’t agree with the message, so it’s understandable to me!

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