I Know What The Sign Says, But Please, Put Some Clothes On

Police in Summerland, B.C. are looking for a man who apparently saw the Full Frontal Trail sign and thought hey, there’s an idea.

Summerland RCMP are investigating a report of a man hiking nude on the Full Frontal Trail of Mount Conkle.
The man, reported to police on Sunday, Sept. 20, was seen hiking by a group of individuals.

Summerland RCMP Sgt. Dave Preston is requesting anyone with information, including photographs, comes forward.

According to its entry on the Trailforks website, Full Frontal is primarily uphill, has a climb difficulty score of blue and a physical rating of hard.

You know, the reason this happened is starting to make a fair bit of sense, actually.

There’s also a note at the bottom of the info claiming that the “name is a reference to the legendary naked hiking guy who used to be seen often on this trail,” but they don’t bother expanding on that and further poking around on my part hasn’t been able to verify it. Was there really another legendary naked guy or has somebody perhaps vandalized the page?

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