The Wednesday Night War Comes To Canada

For the first time ever, Canada is getting a live wrestling war!

This would be much bigger news to me personally if we were living in 2001 instead of 2021, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t historically significant if you’re a Canadian wrestling fan. And I suppose if you’re still a crazy person who tries to consume more of your wrestling live than not it’s pretty cool and a big deal. You have decisions to make now, and hopefully a VCR to help you along.

Sorry, was having Monday night flashbacks there for a second.

Speaking of which, I am happy that access to both televised wrestling and technology is so much better now than it was back in those days. No more wrestling with TSN to figure out when or if Raw and Nitro were going to be on. They both allegedly had time slots, but rarely has the phrase “card subject to change” felt more appropriate. If there was literally any reason to preempt wrestling or punt it into the middle of the night somewhere, TSN would find it. Hockey, baseball, table tennis, tiddlywinks, all of it was higher priority programming than wrestling, no matter how popular wrestling was. Does anyone else remember phoning TSNs automated programming line to hear the weekly wrestling schedule? Thankfully it was usually right, but it was completely ridiculous. If you remember to set your VCR or are home in the middle of the afternoon we might have a complete Nitro for you, or maybe you would rather this severely edited one we’ll throw on for a few minutes in almost prime time before we show the same episode of Sportsdesk for the 37th time. That’s right, I said Sportsdesk. I still have trouble remembering to call it Sportscentre sometimes.

WWE and Canada’s Sportsnet announced Monday that NXT will begin airing live on both Sportsnet 360 and SN NOW beginning this Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern.
The deal expands a relationship that already includes Raw, SmackDown, Main Event and This Week in WWE airing on Sportsnet 360.

Like in the U.S., NXT will go head-to-head with AEW Dynamite which has aired live on TSN since their launch.

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