All My University Memories Are Belong To History

I know I say this all the time, but I feel so old! Here’s the latest example. The All Your Base meme turned 20! Yup, it sure did! I remember living in the university residence, and all I kept hearing blasting from room to room was this! The first few times, I was drawn out of my room by the synthesized voices. Then I was trying to figure out what they were actually saying. Really? All your base are belong to us? And what was with the “Make your time” part? I would stand transfixed in the hallway trying to figure it out…until it just sort of blended into the background of the residence along with the repeated plays of “Killing In the Name Of”

and the repeated drunken choruses of “I’d rather be an aggie than a fucking engineer” that straggled past my doorway.

As I sit listening to this again, I am taken back in time. I think of trying to get my work done, only to have my concentration broken by a resounding “Yiiiiiiiiiiip!” I don’t know what made Tweeter yell Yiiiiiiiiiip, but we all knew that sound, and for years after, Steve, J and I would let out the occasional “yiiiiip” because of him. I remember finding shaving cream on my door thanks to Tweeter. I wonder where Tweeter is now?

How many times did I walk down the hall of the residence and step in who knows what. Why is there a big puddle of ketchup on the floor? I remember walking into the kitchen to wash dishes and wondering what happened there. Could you even consider that kitchen clean? And why does it smell like it’s covered in beer and rotten things? And even the showers could be scary places sometimes. *shiver*. You’re not supposed to find crap in there, but I did once…and once was enough!

But I have many happy memories of my time in residence too. How many times did Steve stay with me for way longer than I was supposed to have guests? How much music did Steve and our buddy J play, often drawing crowds? How many times did we sing songs and get a little, or a lot, tipsy?

That was 20 years ago! I am so so old.

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  1. Hahahaha those were some fun times. It was cool that a couple dudes just messing around could get crowds of people gathered around your room to sing along with us.

    Oh, and “I am safe walk!”

    My god, that kitchen! It was so awful! You shouldn’t need an extra pair of hands mostly meant for plugging noses, but there we were. Jesus.

    1. Lollol.

      J: picks up an object to put in his bag, promptly drops another one. Picks that one up, drops another one. One of them is an empty bottle. It rolls. We chase it down. Get it back in. Something else falls out.

      Me: Are you sure you’ll be safe walking back to your place?

      J: Yeah.

      Me: Should I call you a Safe Walk?

      J: I am Safe Walk!

      Thankfully he made it, but I was nervous.

  2. And your residence people were always cool with me.

    “Don’t worry about staying longer than the rule. You’re better than most of the people who live here. Hang out as long as you’d like. If you don’t say anything, I won’t say anything.”

    1. Well aren’t you just a special little flower. LOL. Everybody gives you special treatment for some reason. #Blessed #Gratitude

        1. Sorry. I had to. But I hear this all the time. So in so it’s always really hard on everybody except Steve. So, what’s your magical secret?

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