We Said The Food Would Be Fast. We Never Said It Would Be Warm

Police: Men complaining about cold food threaten Palm Coast McDonald’s employee with gun

According to a report, Jawan Davis and Jordon Dunn pulled out a gun at the window of a Palm Coast McDonald’s drive-thru after complaining their food was cold.

Authorities said the men told the employee at the window to remake their food. Officials said the men stated they “do not play” when it comes to food while waving the gun.
Officials said the employee told the men he would remake the food and went to the back of the restaurant to call 911.
Deputies said when they arrived, both men were still at the drive-thru window.

Both were arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. NO mention was made of charges relating to the stolen gun that was found in their possession during a search.

When asked about what happened here, Davis claimed that the whole gun waving thing was a joke, but that they were legitimately upset about the cold food.

Well good. At least they’re able to channel their anger in positive ways and use humour to defuse unpleasant situations.

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