Alright Boys, Throw The Book AT Him

As a thief, your job is to take things with you, not leave them behind. This becomes especially important when the thing left behind is a notebook with a bunch of incriminating evidence and identifying information in it.

Robert Shull Goddard, 49, allegedly broke into a house in the Hillwood neighborhood on Jan. 29 by smashing the glass on the back door, then stole “multiple items including a television and firearm,” according to court records filed in Davidson County court.
But, as authorities describe it, Goddard left something behind too.
Prosecutors say in court records Goddard dropped a notebook during the burglary that listed multiple addresses in it. One of those addresses was for another home a few miles away that had been burglarized that same day. The notebook also contained clues to the burglar’s identity — notes from his daughter and her address.

And just in case that wasn’t enough, Goddard, who appears to be the helpful sort, made sure to get caught on video kicking in the door of yet another house a day later.

He was charged with theft and felony burglary.

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