Singing Together Alone

Whoever edited this together is magical, and whoever came up with the idea is also magical. Heck, everyone who participated in this is amazing.

Someone I know from book club is part of a choir, and that choir was one of five that participated in this great big project where everyone sang a particular piece in their own homes, and then someone took all the voices and instruments and edited them together. What was created was this beautiful masterpiece.

It just gives me goose-bumps. All those people had to sing their parts all by themselves, but it became amazing when it came together.

Apparently the captions aren’t so clear, the Aira agent said they were hard to read, so here’s a link to the poem. Unfortunately I think it’s a screenshot. Either that, or I’m a big dummy.

I guess the first part shows the cities where the five choirs came from: Edmonton, right here in Waterloo, Saint-Lambert, , and two choirs from Halifax. Then everybody starts singing, all in their homes.


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  1. Do you remember when Ro and I were obsessing about Eric Whitaker? He had a piece called sleep that we were both completely enamoured with? He did a version of that like this. Called it a virtual choir, and it is really cool. Technology just wow!

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