Who Wants To Be As Broke As They Were When They Got Here?

Last Updated on: 8th July 2021, 11:41 am

I almost want to feel bad for this poor guy. He’s got his big moment on national television. Brimming with confidence, he tells a nice story about how the show inspired him to embrace being a smart nerd and to go to medical school. And then he blows the first question that whoever it is that hosts Millionaire throws at him. Oof.

Snapping selfies in kitchens you can’t afford and taking “a meatball break” are two things BuzzFeed says every twentysomething does on their first trip where?
• A: To Paris
• B: To London
• C: To Rome
• D: To Ikea

IF he’s a better doctor than he is a game show contestant ( hopefully a low bar), he’ll find a way to pay for that trip to Rome soon enough.

By the way, when did the $100 question become a $500 question?

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    1. I’m not sure if they still do it this way since I haven’t watched in forever, but back when I did option D was quite often the joke answer in the early rounds.  If that was his thought process I can see how this might happen.  Expensive kitchens, meatballs and people in their 20s should have been a giveaway, though. Meatballs and Italy could trip you up too if you’re doubting yourself, but who in their 20s alive in the Buzzfeed era can afford multiple trips to Rome?  The worst part is that he had the right answer and then changed it.

      1. I definitely thought nobody in their 20’s was going to Rome, or any other place, but I was waiting for Ikea to be a trap. But I hope I would have talked myself out of that idea.

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