If Babysitters Had Commercials, They Would Look Like This

Last Updated on: 25th October 2012, 02:33 pm

There’s nothing in the world quite like a nice father son day out. Playing catch, going fishing, watching a ball game, tagging along while dad takes a hooker to a motel room and then almost gets the both of you killed…wait, what?

Police in Tuscaloosa County said the 29-year-old man took the baby with him to meet the woman at a motel because he didn’t have anyone to babysit.

Once inside the motel room, another man entered and a fight broke out. Shots were fired while the baby was in the room, and a bullet grazed the father’s head.

“The child was on the bed, he picked the child up, tried to leave, that’s when he was shot at,” said Captain Loyd Baker of the Tuscaloosa Police.

When this man says baby, he’s not messing around. How does 9 months old sound?

If dad had been smart (gigantic friggin if there I know), he’d have put a little extra in the jar marked whoring money and hired a sitter. Now the whoring money might become bail money and lawyer retaining money, since police are considering child endangerment charges.

At last word, Junior was presumably safe in protective custody.

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