I Know You’re A Phone, But…

Last Updated on: 26th July 2021, 06:17 am

Hi there, Apple. Me again. I know you haven’t fixed that speakerphone thing for me yet, but I’m going to lay another longstanding gripe on you if that’s alright.

Can we please have a feature that makes the phone treat the phone part of itself as a background app instead of always taking focus from other things?

If you need a use case for this, here’s an easy one.

When I’m listening to or recording something in another app, I don’t want to be bulldozed by a call from some computerized asshole telling me I’m going to get arrested for not paying taxes. And I especially don’t want to have what I’ve recorded erased when that call comes in. If you can’t auto detect what I’m doing, can we at least have a toggle that allows me to choose that mode? When it’s on, a simple notification would pop up letting me know I had a call coming in, and I could choose whether to take it or dismiss it like I can with call waiting. Then I could finish what I’m doing in peace, plus it would have the side benefit of me not resenting the person who just derailed my train of thought through no fault of his own.

I don’t build phones, so as always, maybe there’s something I’m missing here. but I don’t feel like this is too much to ask for or that it should be all that difficult for offices full of bright people with a gazillion dollars at their disposal to implement.

Thanks for your time, guys. Looking forward to you pleasantly surprising me one day.

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    1. Yes!  They’re all annoying, but that one is definitely the worst.  An Apple creation stomping all over the efforts of another Apple creation is a total case of adding insult to injury.

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