The December Blues

It doesn’t seem like Gill is feeling the Christmas thing this year. I’ve been there, but for different reasons.

One thing I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older and as life changes is that Christmas is a time made for kids. If you have them in your life like I do with all the nephews, it reminds you of what’s great about it. If you don’t, the whole thing can get pretty tiresome.

You probably have heard of the January Blah, you know that feeling when the decorations are taken down and put away for eleven months?  When the world seems bleak and emotionally cloudy? But what about the December Blues?  At this time of year suicides increase, and people are admitted to hospitals in higher numbers for depression and related issues.  There is that sense of loneliness, but why?

It’s No Longer Fun

Remember the fun you had when you were a kid going to your grandparents farm and skating on that frozen pond, or having stacks of freshly made pancakes and hot chocolate?  Now that your grown your concerns tend more to the realistic, am I going to have a drum roll behind my credit card bill in January, how much weight am I going to gain, and am I going to fracture my ankle skating?

The Shine Has Gone Dull

I remember when I was little looking forward to the beautiful lights, the times spent with family, and memories placed in albums.  Now I just kind of feel down, like there’s so many more important things to think of.

The reality

Yes, I’m a Debbie Downer right now, but sadly this commercialism makes me sometimes want to hang my head in shame.  Without sounding like a jerk, growing up I lacked for little, spending many times having elaborate meals, and receiving stacks of gifts.  Now grown, and having lived in less privileged neighborhoods, I have learned some valuable lessons.

What feelings does this time of year evoke for you?

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