Happy CFL Sunday Because CFL Football Is The Best Football

Before we get to Gill’s latest contribution, I’d like to take a second to wish you all a happy CFL Division Finals day.

Grey cup season is always one of my favourite sports times of the year. When you take the unpredictability of your average CFL football game and combine it with each playoff game meaning absolutely everything, what you end up with is pretty much the most entertaining 3 weeks of sports you’ll find anywhere.

I’m pretty pumped for both games today. Toronto and Hamilton because the Argos are my team and the atmosphere should be unreal since Hamilton is their biggest rival, and Stampeders Roughriders because it’s so hard to call. Eskimos aside, the West has been super competitive this year and it feels like any team can win at any time.

In the East I’m taking the Argos. What else can I do? The Ticats have turned around what was looking like a pretty crap season and have been playing their best football at the absolute best time, but I feel like Toronto is just going to be too much for them. I’m not expecting a blowout and it’ll probably be closer than I’d like, but in the end the forces of good shall prevail and head back to the big game. Besides, Hamilton’s best football almost lost to Montreal last week, and that version of the Als isn’t the team that the Argos are.

Out West I’ve been going back and forth. The Riders started the year looking like the team to beat, but then the Stamps beat them. There’s something to be said for wanting to play in the Grey Cup in your home stadium presumably in front of a bunch of your home fans, but there’s also something to be said for winning the division and wanting to get back to the Cup and avenge last year’s loss.

Since it feels like such a coin flip, I asked Carin if she wanted to make a bet and let her pick first since she only sees bits and pieces of football when she’s in the room when I have it on. For some reason she still wanted to bet with me, even though last week I got either a dessert or a beer from the Bent Elbow out of her when the Roughriders beat the Lions. She picked the Riders, which left me with the Stamps. I’m not quite as confident in this one as I was last week just because things are so close, but Calgary it is. Carin, on the other hand, seemed much more confident than last week when she picked “BC and…um…the one that’s not Montreal…whoever that is.” Winner this week gets a Cinnamon Bun from Angie’s. If you’re in KW and you haven’t had one, fix that. They’re awesome.

Things didn’t start off well for the Argos, losing the ball on a fumble just after the kickoff and then giving up a field goal, but they’ve come storming back with a touchdown and a sack and now lead 7-3 in the first. Oh, and now Hamilton just made a huge gain. This is shaping up to be a hell of a game right here. I’m going to go have a beer and enjoy it. Will probably tweet with some of you while I’m at it.

As for Gill, I’ll put her in the next post since this one got so long.

Wow. Just as I was about to publish this, Hamilton took a 10-7 lead. Not happy about it, but that was a huge drive for the Ticats.

Well how about that. As I finish proofreading this, the Argos get the touchdown and now have a 14-10 lead! Woo! Shootout!

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    1. Oh yeah, you absolutely owned the Bun Bowl. It wasn’t even close. I know Calgary was dealing with injuries to some key guys, but man alive, I did not expect that.

      At least we’re even and I didn’t get killed on both bets.

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