I Found Me!

Beyhan Mutlu sounds like a guy who enjoys a good party. Even if that party is a search party. A search party that, as it turns out, had been sent out to look for him.

He had wandered away from his friends in a forest while drunk, according to the Daily Sabah website.
His wife and friends reported him missing after they were unable to get in touch with him for several hours.
Mr Mutlu, 50, later joined a group in the area who were helping the authorities search for him.
When members of the search party began calling out his name, he replied: “I am here.”

I’m curious what shape the rest of these people were in. I’m sure some of them were freaking out, but somebody somewhere should have still known what he looked like. How did they plan on finding him otherwise?

In any event, once he had a little chat with the police, he was given a ride home.

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